100% Pure INDIGO for Hair


100% Pure INDIGO for Hair 020

Ingredient: 100% Pure, Natural Powdered Indigo Leaf (Indigofera tinctoria) - BEST QUALITY

Our 100% Pure Indigo for Hair is a high quality powder, finely-sifted with a superior dye content. It is shipped to us directly from the grower, ensuring it's freshness and purity.

Natural Indigo has a dark-blue dye molecule which will penetrate and dye your hair's keratin. The result will be a combination of your starting colour and the dark-blue colour of natural indigo. For example, 100% Pure Indigo will show as a grey-blue rinse on blonde hair, as a blue-charcoal tone on brown hair and it will provide a cool blue-black colour to black hair.

Of course, these blue-ish shades are not for everyone. In fact, Indigo provides it's best results when used in conjuction with 100% Pure Henna. The dark-blue colour of Indigo balances with the red-orange colour of natural Henna, producing rich reds (without being brassy or bright), earthy chestnut browns and deep, warm brunette tones. A glossy black colour can also be achieved by using both Henna and Indigo - apply Henna first, rinse off, then apply Indigo as a second separate application.

Grey and white hairs are covered very effectively with the combination of Henna and Indigo, provided the right preparation and application techniques are followed. It is important to use a high-quality Henna which has been given time for dye-release before adding Indigo in the suitable proportion. Adding a little Indigo to the mix will tone the brightness of the Henna whereas a lot of Indigo in the mix will change the colour from red to deep brown. We provide a step-by-step instruction brochure with all of our products to ensure that you receive the best possible results.

Another benefit to using Henna with your Indigo is that Henna will provide the conditioning properties which Indigo doesn't have. Indigo is a fantastic colour-adjuster and although it is a harmless natural herb, it doesn't actually provide any beneficial conditioning by itself. Indigo won't damage your hair in any way but by adding Henna to your mix it will provide extra body to the hair, making it smoother, softer and easier to brush. Your hair will become glossy, dandruff-free and healthy.

Henna and Indigo are translucent dyes, therefore they will give light and dark tones throughout the hair wherever there is a variation of colour producing a natural looking result. Henna and Indigo cannot make your hair lighter because they do not contain any harsh chemicals to strip away the colour.

By using natural Henna and Indigo to colour your hair, you will prevent damage to your hair as well as avoiding the absorption of toxins from harsh chemicals. This makes henna a great alternative for those who have allergies or health issues, those who are pregnant or those who simply wish to live in a natural way.

100% Pure Indigo is easy to use - simply mix with a little warm water (lightly salted) and allow the paste to sit for a few minutes to release it's dye. Thin the Indigo paste with water then apply to the hair, or if combining with Henna, add Indigo paste to (dye-released) Henna Paste, stir well, then thin the mix with water and apply to the hair. Our step-by-step instruction brochure will guide you through the process as well as offer tips and hints for those who may like to experiment with recipes and techniques.

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