Applicator BOTTLES


Applicator BOTTLES 035

Known worldwide as Jacquard Bottles, these small plastic squeeze bottles are just the right size for applying henna paste. They offer great hand-control which makes them an ideal choice for beginners. Many professional henna artists also prefer them for fast re-filling and accurate results. They rinse clean in water and can be re-used for many years. Bottle applicators have a durable stainless-steel tip allowing smooth, flowing lines.

Choose from 3 tip sizes:

  • SMALL (0.5mm) – perfect for creating extra-fine lines for very intricate patterns
  • MEDIUM (0.7mm) - CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK – a good all-rounder, suitable for producing both fine and bold detail
  • LARGE (0.9mm) – ideal for bold lines and filling in large areas of a design
AU$9 In stock
Quantity & Size 1 with SMALL tip (0.5mm) (8.18) 1 with LARGE tip (0.9mm) (8.18)

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