JAMILA Henna Powder - Body Art Quality - 2021 Crop


JAMILA Henna Powder - Body Art Quality - 2021 Crop 034

Superior body art quality JAMILA henna powder is one of the very best available. Absolutely no sifting required! Its extra-fine consistency will not block the narrow tips of applicator cones or bottles. JAMILA gives excellent colour results and is shipped to us directly from the grower, ensuring its freshness and purity.

*Currently in stock - JAMILA Body Art Quality : Crop 2021

We offer packs which have been separated into individual portions ensuring accurate measurement while mixing up a batch of fresh henna paste - ideal for beginners and digital scales are not required!

*10g of henna powder makes approximately 35g of paste, which is enough to create over 10 palm-sized henna designs.

For those who are are happy to weigh their own portions with a set of digital kitchen scales, JAMILA henna powder is also available in 100g packs (No individually measured 10g portions) for a lesser price. Freshly sealed in foil-bags with JAMILA branded boxes, each 100g pack is date stamped with '2021 crop' under the cellophane wrap.

Quantity & Pack Type 1 x 10g sachet (2.73) 5 x 10g sachets - 50g total (11.82) 10 x 10g sachets - 100g total (21.82) 20 x 10g sachets - 200g total (40) 1 x 100g box (12.73) 2 x 100g boxes - 200g total (23.64) 3 x 100g boxes - 300g total (32.73) 4 x 100g boxes - 400g total (40) 5 x 100g boxes - 500g total (45.453)

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