About Henna Moon

Henna Moon opened in 2001 - the first shop in Australia to specialize in all aspects of natural henna services and products. Situated in Fremantle WA, a place well known for its vibrant and creative culture, Kelly found it was the ideal location to share her knowledge and passion for henna.

From a very young age, Kelly had a love of design and enjoyed creating detailed, intricately patterned drawings. Later she became very interested in natural products and remedies and found the perfect combination with henna body art and natural henna for hair.

Through her various henna services, she has been fortunate to meet people from many different cultures and backgrounds who love to share their stories about henna.

Kelly’s other passions reflect her interest in the Natural World – gardening, camping and wildlife – compliment her artistic life and provide plenty of inspiration for her henna art.

Please contact Kelly if you have any questions relating to natural hair care, skin care or henna body art.

Experienced, Western Australian Henna Artist

Kelly has been offering private appointments throughout Western Australia since the '90s. Whether it's a party (Hen's Night, Anniversaries, Weddings, Girls-nights, etc), Special Event (festival, corporate function) or workshops and classes through to Bridal and Pregnancy Henna Artistry, Kelly has done it all.


Private Appointments

For a relaxing experience, treat yourself to a beautiful henna design created in the comfort of your own home. Why not share the experience with a friend or two? Get together with the girls and enjoy the opportunity to be pampered.

We have a large selection of designs to choose from or you may wish to provide your own. All artwork is applied freehand and designs are priced individually. The cost depends on the size and detail of the design.

Henna for Parties

Celebrate your special occasion with henna. Birthdays, Hen’s Nights, Anniversaries, Girls-Night-In, etc - whatever the occasion, henna is always a popular and fun addition to any party.

Guests can choose from a selection of small designs including symbols, tribal, floral and traditional patterns, allowing each guest to receive a unique take-home reminder of a great celebration. Each henna artist can apply 10 – 15 small designs per hour and can attend dressed in costume if the party has a particular theme.

Special Events

Community fairs, festivals, multicultural events and corporate functions, henna art has a special way of bringing people together and creating a wonderful talking point.

An assortment of original designs are offered to suit a wide range of themes – an End-of-Year celebration, a colourful Bollywood event, or how about your company logo at your next product launch? Each henna artist can apply 10 – 15 small designs per hour and can attend dressed in costume if the event has a particular theme.

Henna for Brides

In many eastern countries it is customary to apply henna to the bride-to-be in the days leading up to the wedding ceremony. The female family members and friends gather together to share stories, sing songs and generally give support to the bride-to-be as she prepares for marriage. The henna is an important aspect of a wedding as it symbolises the love between a bride and groom.  Designs are traditionally applied to the hands and feet however for those who prefer a more subtle alternative, how about a discreet henna design to surprise your husband on your wedding night?

Henna for Pregnancy

Baby Showers are made all the more special with the inclusion of henna art. Adorning the belly with henna patterns is a traditional way to bless the mother and unborn baby in preparation for the birth. A simple recipe of pure henna powder, fresh lemon juice and a touch of lavender essential oil will create a safe, natural henna paste suitable for use during pregnancy.

Henna designs can range from a small simple pattern to a very detailed piece which covers the entire area of the belly. It is also a fantastic opportunity to capture a photograph of the design to have as a keepsake. The expectant mother is also able to take some time out for much needed relaxation while the henna works it’s magic.
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