Pre-Blended Hair Colours

This range consists of 12 shades due to the addition of vegetable colourings, herbs and spices - they can also be mixed together for a personalised shade.

Use these Pre-Blended Colours to enhance your natural hair colour or create a deeper, richer shade. These colours are translucent, providing light and dark tones throughout the hair wherever there is a variation of colour for a natural looking result. This product cannot make your hair lighter because it does not have any harsh chemicals to strip away the colour.

Results vary for those with grey hair depending on the particular shade used. In general, the colour will provide only light coverage and some shades will show brighter due the grey and white hairs being a lighter base colour and more resistant to dyes. This allows the Pre-Blended Colours to give a lovely highlighted effect for those with a scattering of grey hair throughout, whereas those with more concentrated areas of grey hair will achieve a much better coverage with our Premium Hair Colours.

These Pre-Blended Colours also have fantastic conditioning properties. They will provide extra body to the hair, making it smoother, softer and easier to brush. Your hair will become glossy, dandruff-free and healthy.

Pre-Blended Herbal Hair Colours are easy to use - simply mix with water and apply. Our step-by-step instruction brochure will guide you through the process as well as offer tips and hints for those who may like to experiment with recipes and techniques.

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