Premium Hair Colours - Grey Cover

For those who are looking for Premium Quality Powders to create custom shades, we stock fresh, high-quality Henna, Indigo, Cassia and Amla powders. By preparing each herb individually, prior to combining them together (as we have with our Pre-Blended Hair Colours), we can create a dye that has maximum effect. This is essential for those who would like to achieve better coverage of grey hair or those who require a longer-lasting colour.

These Premium Hair Colours will also provide the highest quality of natural colour and conditioning results. They need to be applied heavily, as a mud-pack, to achieve a rich colour with even coverage. We recommend using the following amounts for each application;

  • 50g - for each REGROWTH touch-up application
  • 100g - for SHORT hair
  • 150g - for SHOULDER-LENGTH hair
  • 200g - for LONG hair (to upper-back)
  • 250g - for LONG hair (to mid-back)
*An extra 50g - 100g may be required for those with EXTRA-LONG or THICK hair types.

Custom Shades - The following shades consist of pre-measured individual portions of our 100% Pure Henna and Indigo Powders. Each pack contains two separate sachet bags, to allow for the henna and indigo to be prepared in separate bowls before combining together as a single mix, just prior to application. Our step-by-step instruction brochure will guide you through the process of preparing and applying these Premium Hair Colour.

Alternatively, you may prefer to customise your own shade - it's easy with a set of kitchen scales (always weigh your portions rather than use the spoon-for-spoon method as some powders are heavier than others resulting in ratios being measured inaccurately). Be sure to keep the powders separate during the preparation and then combine them just before use. Use the following ratios as a guide to achieve a variety of colours.

  • Deep Copper Red - 3 parts Henna to 1 part Indigo
  • Brownish Auburn Red - 2 parts Henna to 1 part Indigo
  • Medium Warm Brown - Equal amounts of Henna and Indigo
  • Rich Dark Brown - 1 part Henna to 2 parts Indigo
  • Darkest Brown - 1 part Henna to 3 parts Indigo
  • Black - Use Henna first, rinse off, then apply Indigo as a second separate application

*Add Amla to assist dye absorption, create cooler tones and provide extra body to the hair. Use 25g Amla for each 100g of Henna and/or Indigo.

*Add Cassia to lessen the colour and provide extra shine and conditioning. Use more Cassia to make the colour more subtle. For just a hint of colour and lots of conditioning, try a 'gloss' - 9 parts Cassia to 1 part Henna and/or Indigo.

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